March 31st, 2007


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heh, so cancel that last thought in my previous post.

since i had ~5mo at my previous duty station (ft sam), i'm now treated as "permanent party" rather than "iet soldier".

what this means is i'm still in training, but i'm treated like someone with time in service. got my own room, permission to wear civvies, smoke and use electronics (and have a drink on the weekends if i want to)... all the poor kids who're in my company & just finishing BCT are pretty envious. but that's okay, seeing as i have a month of duty time for each week they've done.

too bad i'll only be here for 7 more weeks -g-

so saturdays for me are now going to consist of hanging at the PX and using the $10/day wifi to rekindle my soulseek/bittorrent habits and catch up on my webcomics.

it's almost like having a job, instead of being a slave...


some dudes found and documented a Titan 2 launch silo



re: survivalism - nice to have you back, trent.

re: 300 - gladiator without the fluff. just bad ass.