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March 30th, 2007


so it is warm in missouri

Posted on 2007.03.30 at 11:10
Current Location: fort leonard wood, MO
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but it's also humid.

i'm getting dumped into D co, 35th Eng battalion, which is currently in week 8 of basic, so i may get to do some fun stuff (like convoy live fire) over again; and i graduate ~may 20th (AIT for engineers is 6 weeks).

this is good news because at last report the next training spot wasn't open until august.

since 21B is trained as OSUT, it's like basic all the way through, so this may be my last post till then.

so, i'll talk to you all when i'm back home.


military-unrelated: who believes alfa romeo is really bringing cars back to stateside in april? and who else wants one? when my enlistment bonus comes through, do not let me near any of those dealerships.

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