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March 1st, 2006

Posted on 2006.03.01 at 21:20
Mood: enviousenvious
Music: fort minor - where'd you go
test-drove a wrx with a chp officer last night.
finally asked him to slow down at 120.
he gets to do that whenever he wants, no repercussions.
i'm tempted to say "what a bastard", but would i do the same? probably.

did a windows rebuild on one of the sales manager's home computers today.
not how i care to spend my spare time anymore, but never a bad idea to have one of the HNIC's owe you a favor.


attention crazy bastards who built mercedes' smart cars with liter-bike mills:
please deliver crossbreed of smart roadster and suzuki hayabusa to my house immediately, kthx.


usually by this point i'm trying to throw in something resembling "current events", but... anyone else just entirely sick of the news? i'm going to go finish watching season 4 of the shield now, because entertainment loosely based on reality is somehow much more gratifying than reading about how yale students are pitching the right of religious extremists to not be offended as more important than freedom of the press. you fuckers are supposed to be the SMART ONES. /rant

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