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February 20th, 2006

Posted on 2006.02.20 at 23:35
Mood: okayokay
Music: synapscape - helix (asche remix)
i have determined that spending 50+hrs/week using what could generously be described as "subterfuge tactics" on people is causing me to question the validity and sincerity of anything i say to anyone.

that, my friends, is a truly ugly kind of self-analysis.

but i pulled myself out of a bad attitude and a performance slump tonight with two actions-

first, by selling a couple a tribeca at about $2.5k under MSRP. still made $275 on the deal, thanks to subaru's incentive of two bills to get these things out the door during their first model year.

second, by winning a stoplight drag against a neon srt4 and a previous-generation mustang gt. left them both at launch- the dodge caught up a half-carlength with each gear and pulled even by 80mph, but the poor ford didn't have a chance on either of us. and technology marches on.

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