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January 18th, 2006

Posted on 2006.01.18 at 22:16
Mood: grumpygrumpy
Music: tool - hooker with a penis
the good part of today was finding an $8 pair of sunglasses at a convenience store that looked good on me. the price is not the issue, the point is i can never find anything that works with my narrow face. the last pair that "worked" like this i picked up while i was dating miki... heh.

(yes, i shaved again. and if you've got to make a pop-culture reference, skip the matrix, terminator, and referring to me as a "gq model", because those have been covered.)

when i got to work today i checked the dealership mail and found a few articles in an industry rag worth distributing to fellow employees. management was pleased as punch that i took the initiative to do this, i guess- but by the end of the day i'd blown that out by losing interest in the idea of selling a guy with unrealistic expectations of getting a top-of-the-line WRX for under invoice. they're pissed, but "units out the door" don't do me any f***ing good. i'll wait for the customer who's willing to give us a fair shake on the car and throw a little commission my way- because frankly, i have no incentive to do otherwise; and with my wages being garnished, performance is now a matter of survival rather than comfort. if they want to alter that attitude, they can make it worth my time or stfu about it. thanks for reading another rant, if you bothered.

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