January 4th, 2006


for innocentchild

see? even the drift king f***s up once in a while :P


and just because i'm feeling on an automotive bent this morning-

i learned about E85 from some bmw boost-heads in sweden last year. the cliff's notes are "it's 15% gasoline and the rest is your grandpappy's moonshine". the swedish power addicts love it because it has an effective octane rating about the same as the $5 leaded race gas you occasionally see those guys with the skinny tires on the front of their cars filling up with.

it's good for us because we make it here already (byproduct of corn farming, which removes pollutants from the atmosphere, unlike refining oil), it burns cleaner than gas, and we don't line the pockets of the saudi royal family when we fill up with it.

so HOW good is it? good enough that this fuel alone takes a saab station wagon's power output from BMW 3-series territory on pump gas to turning up one's nose at the WRX STI's output... 310hp & 325ft/lb of torque on E85.

saab? gimme!

on a final note, think where we might be if we had spent the past few years' worth of Occupying Iraq money on E85 distribution infrastructure- anyone wanna guess what we'd be paying at the pump to say "FY OPEC, i wanna go faster"...?