January 2nd, 2006


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power went out at my house @ 10am 1/1. just came back on half an hour ago. happy stone-age new year!


so i got a fair chunk read of eckhart tolles' the power of now and heinlein's stranger in a strange land (which, shame on me, i've owned for a long time but never sat down and read) under my belt.

new favorite quote: "a desire not to butt into other people's affairs is eighty percent of all human wisdom." (no points for guessing which that came from.)

but after a day and a half of that i needed some input that wasn't printed-page-by-candlelight, so i went and saw syriana. to sum it up: don't bother. looked really good, and had the potential to be- but the director's reach exceeded his grasp. he tried to weave one of those epic stories with 15 intertwined arcs and pretty much just failed to make the whole thing cohesive and engaging.


sometimes, when you're talking to an insightful person, the shit that comes out of your own head is surprising:

[23:30] deuxmacht: i can't decide whether i do this to myself because i'm not done learning the lessons or just because i'm a masochist by way of being an introverted sadist

and in one final bit of news, i am experiencing an unprecedented amount of lower back pain. i can't sit, stand, or walk without getting "stabbed". at 27, i am finally a decrepit old man. :(
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