December 10th, 2005


"get forgiveness rather than permission" as a prime directive

sold 2 cars in a day for the first time tonight. had to follow the 2nd customer to his house in mountain view to pick up a check for the down payment. by the time my manager noticed i'd grabbed the keys for the used 2002 325i to follow him with, it was too late.

review on that car, compared to mine:
-the stereo is incredible, went without distortion to louder volume than i can tolerate (which is a statement of some distinction.) on the way back "soul meets body" came on the radio and i cruised leisurely back on 85/280 at a steady 95mph (not my gas money :) while thinking of someone whose company i'd have enjoyed. reading track names off of radio signals is a nice feature that i now wish i had.
-DSC is sucking teh donkey balls; other than that, even the 2.5-liter inline six is a great mill. nothing like scosol's m3, of course, but more than i was expecting from a base-model, even given that it had the sport-package 17" wheels on it. very slightly lower power:weight ratio than my car, but the 24-valve sixes feel much smoother and more refined.
-not sure i agree with nrubenstein about new bimmers being more twitchy at the limit. after i went "oh, that's right" and slapped the DSC computer into submission, i got a few nice wide arcs out of the thing, with much less input correction than i would have used in my e30. but seeing as he's a "hardcore track" guy and i'm a "drift enthusiast" type, that might be an apples:oranges comparison.


yeah, i know, i'm gonna start losing you guys if i don't post about something other than cars soon. well, i will.
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