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October 26th, 2005

Posted on 2005.10.26 at 22:22
Mood: dorkydorky
Music: arcade fire - neighborhood 3 (power cut)
got to drive a legacy gt wagon today, a short jaunt to a gas station to fill it up so a returning customer could see what it's like on the freeway.

even with the heavy 5-door body and a slushbox (automatic transmission), the thing has cojones. i had to give the throttle a quick stab to merge into a traffic gap, and it was just... ready on a moment's notice. the surefootedness of AWD is incredible; with the same inputs my BMW would have been trying to kick the ass end out and requiring correction. this thing just said... "point where you wanna go, kid, i'll handle the rest".

we did a shorter test drive yesterday, and today he again had to leave abruptly because his lunch was over, but we got as far as discussing trade-in value on his bmw 5er wagon before he had to bail. in parting i said "hope we see you by again soon" and he responded with "deal", so my first commission is looking likely. 10 cars a month means you're up to speed, so if this happens tomorrow (my 3rd day) i'll have hit the ground running.

i can't wait till someone wants to test an STI, so i can say "uh oh, the tank's pretty low on this one, i better get a gas voucher..." :>

can i just say i love this job? i do nothing but discuss and drive cars i lust after. today's 9-hour shift felt like 3 hours at my last gig.

for the last hour before i left, i schooled a coworker on safe turbo upgrade theory, and the positive/negative aspects of increasing/decreasing compression and rod:stroke ratios. by the time i was done, half of the sales force was standing nearby, trying to pretend they weren't listening to me. *grin*

yeah, nothing non-job-related to report, sorry.

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