October 22nd, 2005


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so first, i dl'ed a shareware copy and played through on skill level 5 (nightmare) with the intention of going through w/ no-saves, no-death, with my techno, noise, and hardcore directories queued in winamp. got to level 6, & had to call that good enough. (yes, i am a geek.)

then went and saw the flick downtown @ the sj pavilion, and in the context of a popcorn-munching action flick, it was good. in the context of a video-game adaptation, it was the best i've seen yet.

wish i'd played doom 3 though, because from what screenshots i've seen that was what the movie was truest to. but honestly, i'm not about to lay out the four figures worth of cash it takes to get a machine to run that game decently. maybe in a year or so when moore's law has caught up with it.

only thing i thought lacking was the absence of a shotgun (my weapon of choice in-game, esp. the double-barrel from doom 2), and i wish they'd given us a little more time with the chainsaw in the FPS segment.

overall, no regrets on paying theatre price for admission & munchies. recommended, if you're in the mood for it.
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when the london bombings occurred earlier this year i got into a nice big pissing contest with someone in adameros' journal on whether or not islam, in and of itself, fosters violence.

Exhibit We-Ran-Out-Of-Letters-Long-Ago, stolen from atheism: Christian DVD Sparks Riot

if you feel that destruction of property is an appropriate response to someone else's commentary on religion, you JUST MIGHT BE A F$@%ING TERRORIST.

phanatic comments for teh win- I like how they attacked a Christian church to protest a DVD that portrays Muslims attacking a Christian church.
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nerd content

gizmodo seems to have giant wood over this new verizon phone (warning: more LotR references than you can shake a stick at).

while it is cool, the omission of VoIP almost pains me. why would you put a broadband modem & router into a phone and then not add that functionality? would have taken it from "nifty" to "killer app", IMO. if everyone i know hadn't already abandoned telco service in favor of cell phones, i'd be wondering if they took a bribe to leave that out...
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