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October 21st, 2005


rather mundane entry

Posted on 2005.10.21 at 01:54
Music: converter - firebloom
left a few minutes before i got IMs saying otherwise, so i went by jonathanbenari's house to pick up stuff i'd missed last night. he lent me the 80g firewire drive i had been using for bittorrent storage while @ his place, which is cause for joy, because it has ISOs of OSX for i386 & windows vista, and all 6 seasons of OZ on it, among other things. luckily, i made better time than his gf getting there and didn't interrupt anything.

after that, dropped some auto hardware off at a baye30 member's place in san mateo. turned out what i had wasn't the special stuff i thought it was, but he still got it at 2/3 of retail, so we were both happy and got to BS for a while about bimmers before his wife started giving us dirty looks and i thought it best to go.

then went to SF for the best quesadilla i've had in a while, and a drum'n'bass event named defstar at a dive bar called the knockout. good music, the bartender was generous w/ a jack-&-coke after being prompted w/ a $2 tip, and the djs were friendly, but the visuals were unimaginative and i got a wierd vibe from some of the crowd, so at half past midnight i flipped a tire-howling bitch across mission and wasted too much gas heading home at 90-100mph while listening to the local classic rock station. "well, you don't know what, uh. we could find..."

got back to san jose and scosol's M had a parking ticket on it, which is mysterious because the permit placard is clearly visible on his rear-view mirror, he's not blocking a driveway, and it's outside of enforcement hours anyway. bunch of fucking savages in this town... i didn't peek inside the envelope, but whatever it is, sorry for the crappy start to your friday, man.

Posted on 2005.10.21 at 15:48
Music: asche - doom
hottest green car yet

thankfully, that guardian reporter who was abducted in iraq is safe and sound.

what not to do after playing "HEAT" (where is the f%*&ing van?!)

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