October 17th, 2005


*now* i remember what i dislike about the golden state

well, today was a big exercise in beauracracy and frustration.

apparently to get a license to sell cars, the DMV requires something called a LiveScan from your local sheriff's department. (glad i got that warrant cleared up. it almost strikes me as humorous that had i not gone on my "camping trip", i'd be going in unaware and getting taken into custody. almost.) i guess this involves fingerprinting, background checking, anal probing, s&*% like that.

and there's a backlog, so the earliest appointment i can get is wednesday @ 3:10pm. *grumble*

also, shoutouts to the fat power-tripping bacon-bit at the social security office who insisted i wait outside while he metal-detected everyone else, even though there was a queue of 2 people already inside when i got there. (i guess it would have been a serious security risk to have 3 people in line.) one of those occasions when i really SHOULD have reminded the public servant whose taxes pay his rent and keep his gut hanging over his belt.

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