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October 15th, 2005

Posted on 2005.10.15 at 09:31
Mood: pissed offpissed off
well, this weekend will be mundane (no sunset for me, boo hoo) but i interview here bright and early on monday.

(putnam has several dealerships, i was silently hoping "don't be from gmc/buick/pontiac please!" turns out the position's at the volvo dealership. woohoo! employee discount on s40t5 awd or s60r?)

hopefully that goes better than yesterday's "interview", where the bar owner was almost 2hrs late and spoke to me for less than 5 minutes before saying she had to leave again. >:| (edit: as well as today's gig, where i was given the address for a vacant fucking lot with noone there. i am seriously going to put my foot up someone's ass the next time i get jerked around like this.)

in other news, i want a goddamned cigarette. rhar.

Posted on 2005.10.15 at 10:09
thought some of you who've been branching out past livejournal would like to know about FeedBlitz, which in ten words or less Allows You To Email Subscribers Your Blog Posts.

it can be used for blog readers as well, but i personally prefer to stick with lj's syndicated feed feature (a la bageena) for that.


well, nevermind volvo-

Posted on 2005.10.15 at 17:36
Mood: mischievous*smirk*
it's a real bummer, now i have to spend ALL SUNDAY studying Subaru's lineup & options list so i can start selling them on monday...


only a matter of time, i suppose

Posted on 2005.10.15 at 21:50
Mood: hornyNSFW
putting a dent in the underside of every apple geek's desk

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