October 11th, 2005

good times

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i don't have the attention span to go through and respond to all of the comments to my last couple of posts, but i wanted to say that i read them all and appreciate the good will from everyone.

couple more issues resolved today. i'm legal to drive again! sometimes i feel like scosol and i are involved in a subconscious game of oneupmanship with respect to "troubles involving automobiles and authority figures". :P it speaks a lot for his character that he poured resources into helping me get my stuff back in order before bothering to get his daewoowoo out of its own situation.

tangential to that, yesterday he and i roadtripped in his new M3. that car is... sublime, and i am terribly envious. i thought _my_ bimmer was a "driver's car" until i saw the way his responded to inputs- now my e30 feels like a soggy dishrag in comparison. i wish i could have followed him back north yesterday rather than making the trip today, but oh well- such is the nature of small-town sheriffs drunk with what little power they've been given.

naturally, i'm out of the loop on pretty much everything right now, so the only other thing i have to report is a clear head after a week's worth of (mostly-)self-imposed detox. i had completely forgotten what i was like when i wasn't smoking pot all the time. i need to stay this way.

stolen from r2w

so while i was out "camping" last week i developed a blister the size of a dime on the ball of my right foot. it still hasn't gone away and i don't have any moleskin, so i continue doing the 50 Cent Limp everywhere.

after that i did a couple days in santa clara county jail (that was part of "stuff getting resolved", and the reasons are not that interesting, i promise), BS'ing with a medley of people ranging from the unfortunate 20y/o kid from SF who got a kidnapping charge from trying to give some girl a ride home and missing her exit, to meth-addicted black-metal guitarists, to hip-hop promoters, with about as many hard, pipe-hittin' niggaz as you'd expect thrown in for good measure.

after that, lacking any reason to say "no", i accept an invite from one of the fellows in the last category to his house in WAY East Palo Alto (as in, go any farther east and you get wet) and proceed to:
- clean all the spyware from his computer
- defrag his hard disk
- set him up with soulseek so he could get music, bittorrent so he could get a copy of cakewalk, and a yahoo email account
- show him useful internet sites that i've been using so long i take them for granted (imdb, for example)
in exchange for a steady flow of blunt hits and a $20 bill. (and yes, being a white boy in that part of town will get you some strange looks.)

even given all of that, i am nowhere near as hardcore as this guy:

i'm reminded of that Far Side cartoon with the caption "how nature says Do Not Touch"...
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