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June 27th, 2005


mistress diana is pleased

Posted on 2005.06.27 at 16:16
Music: glenn wilson - aural exciter
fellow Gran Turismo obsessives may recognize the french marque Venturi-

well, they've finally followed through on something i've been silently begging for for years-

an electric sports car. pundits are referring to it as an "electric supercar", which i think is something of an exaggeration; 105mph may be unprecedented for mass-market electric vehicles, but my last $2000 VW could top that by 10mph, and only that little because it ran out of gear.

in typical french fashion, it's got love-it-or-hate it styling that kinda almost looks like the designer was drafting in a very dark room-

meet the Venturi Fetish (stop that snickering, you):

but still! an electric sports car capable of triple-digits, with a 200+ mile single-charge range!

what prevents me from head-explody in a wet sticky mess of sheer joy?

the $660,000 price tag.

Venturi: you realize that's FOUR lamborghinis, right?


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