May 1st, 2005


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tonight, roomie and i caught a tiny gecko in our soon-to-be-vacated apartment. we're keeping him. he's now named Exodus.
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gecko update, from the roomie:

"exodus is hungry and smart. he had a little trouble with the first (very unfortunate) cricket, which stayed trapped in his jaws, kicking pathetically for several minutes (and i mean like... ten) until he eventually got frustrated and digested him whole. thereafter, he seemed to discover that the trick to disabling a cricket is to either trap or remove the hind legs. the next 2 crickets were hunted quickly and died quickly. exodus then crawled under some newsprint, where he is now chillin'.

oh - and the guy at a reptile store down in mesa suggested that he's probably a mediterranean gecko, in case youre interested. :o)"

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we signed a lease this morning on a 2nd-story end-unit in a north scottsdale complex called crown court. 8.5/10 on the "nice place" scale. at 26 years old, i am on my first lease ever; and so i sacrifice my off-the-grid lifestyle for stability, and a dining-room view of the complex's back pool.
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