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April 29th, 2005

Posted on 2005.04.29 at 10:33
Mood: calmcalm
Music: esc - butcher's ball 2002
roommate wakes me up this morning- says apparently apartment management sent us certified mail a month ago giving us 30days notice (we never got it)- we're supposed to be out this weekend.

strangely, this does not stress me out in the slightest. i'm zen. i've done the 0-day move enough times that it's like "well, guess i know what i'm doing this weekend".

the only things i'm mildly chapped about are that i was going to get my car worked on today- i really need to get my new tires put on, my front passenger is half bald- and my guest+2 spot to see josh wink tonight is probably wasted, and that would be the only good dj set i've seen since i got to az.

edit: i just realized something. it's now club dk up in this bitch. time to test the limits of the altec-lansings.

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