February 4th, 2005

good times

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yesterday, i blearily blinked my eyes open and focused on the clock on my cable box


"fuck, i've got thirty-four minutes to get to work"

my commute goes like this, and hits the worst freeway in AZ

i hit two different traffic jams


hopped out of my car, tucked in my shirt, walked inside

hit my desk and log in on time, at 2:59

and THAT is why i am the red-eyed jedi


ryan's here and we went out to a crappy prog-house night tonight, and frankly are having much more fun at home playing our own music and playing muted anime & music videos on my computer.

we're going to enjoy some fungus love tomorrow while we go to another half-hour event. seeing ryan reminds me of how much i miss everyone else in that bay area scene.

yeah, can't type anymore. go0dnight.+++++++
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