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February 2nd, 2005

Posted on 2005.02.02 at 04:07
Mood: drunkdrunk
Music: downpour - tiny wires
so the new hot p2p client is exeem, and it's finally exited its private beta.

exeem's interface is very similar to everything you've probably used before, but the backend is what's revolutionary in that it uses the bittorent protocol; basically eliminating everything that was bad about that whole paradigm-

now you don't have to publish a bittorrent seed (thereby opening yourself or your server to legal action) in order to share, you can do so behind the somewhat-more-safe protection of the RIAA/MPAA having to subpoena your name/address from your ISP based on your IP address.

(all of which is bullshit in the first place, because the DMCA clearly states that piracy isn't happening unless it's an "exact digital copy", which pretty plainly excludes mp3, divx, avi, etc.)

but really, i'm drunk and meandering, and it's just cool because finally bittorrent has an easy interface that's not google, and you should at least check it out and see what you can find over the next few weeks as it becomes more popular.

the only thing i don't like so far is that you have to publish files, or at best directories, individually, rather than having an easy browse interface where you can just pick what directories you want shared- but this is because it wants data on what category, quality, and language each file/dir is- and i suppose having that data in the files you browse is an acceptable trade-off.

*goes back to publishing seeds*

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