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January 9th, 2005

Posted on 2005.01.09 at 14:46
friday night i had a chance to hit up a monthly art/music event in phoenix called the Art Walk, when a bunch of local galleries/collectives rotate what's on display and host local musicians.

it was raining, so we only had a chance to hit up one gallery where an acid-jazz-ish band was playing and two artists had work on display; one with an urban theme (which i really dug), and the other centered on angels (though his work pushed the boundaries of "abstract/impressionism" so far it would have taken viewing 3 or 4 pieces to figure that out had it not been for the fact that he named them).

i'll definitely be heading back there this weekend, when this crew shows up.

the other installment we hit up was an apartment complex that had (from the looks of it) recently been taken over by an artist collective; nearly every room was undergoing some sort of renovation; lots of non-intended space use which for me was almost more interesting than the gallery; made me want to snag a spot there and do some sort of crazy audio/visual work.


last night, saw a very long engagement, which i will endorse as "best date movie ever". yes, gentlemen, it _looks_ like a romance flick, and it will indeed have your girl clutching your hand and sniffling at the end.

however, the journey there is near-epic in terms of plot depth, with love being the reason for the quest but not the central focus thereof; and as far as range goes there's enough violence, booty, and dark comedy to keep, well, _me_ entertained. stamp of approval, worth 8 bucks to see on the big screen.


wierdness: i still haven't had to confirm the new user agreement. my browser's cookied w/ my login at home, but not at work. *shrug*

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