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August 12th, 2004


it's nice when a wednesday up and decides to not suck

Posted on 2004.08.12 at 00:28
Mood: gratefulgrateful
got a transfer to a specialized call queue @ work today. (i'm to understand that's the way out of tech support.) downside is, instead of having friday off i'll be going in to training for my 9th day in a row @ the office, due to a schedule change.

apparently i need to earn that one vacation day i'm taking in early september.

oh yeah, and they're waiving the usual 90-day waiting period before i can start school for... whatever reason; so i (yes, really, actually) enroll on monday.

Posted on 2004.08.12 at 14:42
Mood: aghast
Music: d'n'b from a cube about 20ft away
latest governmental idiocy:

new CDC policy is that sex education taught in public schools cannot be "sexually suggestive". among things considered "sexually suggestive" are using a cucumber to show a student how to safely/properly apply a rubber.

(but the CDC, in all their wisdom, are also saying that condoms in no way help prevent the spread of AIDS, so i guess that's moot, right?)

yup. read that again: any educational institution that talks to its students about sex... in a sex education class... risks their federal funding. the party line is now "don't do it, cuz we said so".

i envy the teachers charged with implementing THAT- it's almost like the joke where you ask someone to describe a goatee without touching their face.

ignorance is wisdom, yadda yadda...

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