May 5th, 2004


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so on pbs, of all stations, i finally found a new favorite law-enforcement drama.

assignment for today is to find and download "Prime Suspect: Last Witness" on your favorite p2p net. it should really be called "Law and Order:STFU", 'nuff said.


current object of automotive lust:

start with a Volkswagen R32.

for those not yet familiar, that's a golf body with the engine i used to love so in my GTI-VR6's, only with a larger crankshaft and pistons. another difference is a 24-valve head with two cams per bank of cylinders instead of one cam & two valves. oh yeah, and it's also all-wheel-drive, thanks to some parts-sharing with the Audi TT.

then give it and probably about another 30 grand to some guys up in canada.

end result: quarter-mile in 11.4 seconds, or an easy walk on most (if not all) ferraris/lamborghinis/(insert other vehicle with 6-figure price tag here). this car currently holds the world record for a 0-30 sprint, at 1.1 second.

there's something very sexy about being able to beat ANYTHING you'll run across the street off the line.
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