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April 16th, 2004

Posted on 2004.04.16 at 14:09
Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Music: tim xavier - blitz tekno mix
so. looks like i'll be following scosol's advice.

a year and a day after i lost my last job, i've gained two new ones.

this morning i got a phone call saying i'd been hired on as an evening-shift tech support rep here. this is very good, because once i am a permanent employee (after 90 days), classes are free. since they have an MBA program, i foresee being employed there through the rest of the decade.

at noon i had a 3rd interview for a financial_advisor & mortgage/insurance/securities_broker position here, and out of 78 applicants i was one of four chosen. this is a commission-only, self-driven, "make your own hours" kind of gig, and i'm very glad i landed the other job first as i now don't need to depend on only commission for income.

it strikes me that this is the first time in... a few years... that i've been happy in a "situation" context, rather than a momentary one.

i have steady income, a thoroughly enjoyable car that's paid for, a cost of living factor that seems ridiculously low compared to what it was in california, and the opportunity to get myself back into six-figure yearly income by summer.

in short, i have nothing more to ask of life.

hope you're all well too.

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