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April 2nd, 2004

Posted on 2004.04.02 at 10:55
Mood: hopefulhopeful
Music: slobodan - live in belfast
yesterday, i finally checked out a record store in tempe that psudo recommended- london west. they have a techno section bigger than solid grooves in SJ, so i'm happy. finally traded in all (okay, almost all) of my old uk-hardhouse/nuNRG records, for an $80 store credit. also managed to snake about half an hour on the house decks. :)

bs'ed with the guy who ran the place (matty) and found out he does a thursday weekly at a bar called furio- em and i checked that out in the evening and the music was decent (tech- and progressive house while i was there), but the whole scene is way different out here. i saw maybe 2 other people that looked like they were there for the music- beyond that pretty much everyone was there to drink and socialize. it probably sounds wierd to say that, but when your frame of reference is townsend in SF, it does seem strangely different.

tried to talk matty out of a resident slot and he said "well, you'd need to play something lighter..." (grin) but i think if i can get him the set from NYE@vulcan he'll make space for me. (hint, mike ;)

oh yeah, also gave my tech recruiter the last of the references and paperwork she needed. fingers crossed that all of the above works out...

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