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March 27th, 2004

Posted on 2004.03.27 at 11:59
Mood: rushedrushed
glad someone's been keeping track...


i've been having some f'd up dreams lately, just about every night. not all nightmares in what i used to consider the traditional sense of the word, but then, last time i had one of those was literally half a lifetime ago. however, i told emily the 'plot' of thursday night's and her eyes widened and she responded "jesus, baby!" so i'll not be sharing them here either.

it occurs that while i was a heavy pot smoker i almost never dreamt (or remembered it). hopefully my brain's just rediscovered this "toy" and will get bored with it again soon, because this is not making for restful sleep.


becca found this site and i found a few that were just too fitting for some of my friends-

after the cutCollapse )

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