March 16th, 2004


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so we got the digitalretina out here to arizona over the weekend. quite the drive when you're doing it with a procession including a 15-foot moving truck, instead of just a single car- but seeing the high-speed pursuit passing us on the 210 in LA was entertaining. sleep was short (and mostly unsatisfying) and nerves were frazzled and we were all testy for a while, and our apartment is still mostly full of unpacked boxes, but the hardest is over.

on cosmic_osmo's recommend of The DaVinci Code i borrowed a copy of the prequel, Angels and Demons, from my once-and-possibly-future roomie divamatrix and i _highly_ recommend it. also recently finished A Painted House by John Grisham, which was not at all what i expected- reminded me of the assigned reading of The Grapes Of Wrath in high school.

once we have internet at the house again i promise i'll be a more active participant in this LJ thing- dogpoop on all you people dropping me off your friends list just cuz i'm not online 24/7 like i used to be. :P

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