January 8th, 2004


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went to the san jose international auto show last night. not bad for $8-

didn't see anything super-revolutionary, but the GT and mustang concepts from ford were nice, as was that new chevy SSR sport-truck... the new phaeton from VW is very luxurious (and it had better be for $70k), and had an R32 GTI sitting next to it.

there's a gorgeous jaguar XJS race car tucked away in the very back- 325/35-16 tires... on the front.

winning car for drool-factor was the silver AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW 5-series- nothing on four wheels has looked so mean since they filmed Road Warrior.

overall winner in my mind is the infiniti G35 coupe- the demo model stickered at $35k with leather, navigation, and sport packages; and unlike the Z it's based on, it has two honest-to-god backseats. i wouldn't order one with all the bells and whistles, myself, but the G reeks of quality where the Z does not; and both of them are capable sports cars.


so i've had this journal for over 3 years now and never used it to plug something for my own profit once-

seems like it's about time.

i'm trying to rope together money to get to phoenix for school by emptying out my bookshelf, so if you wouldn't mind having a look at my half.com store that'd be cool. i know their browse-by-user features suck but if you decide to snag something, thanks.