December 19th, 2003


(no subject)

just don't stop driving cars, people, because thankfully sending *those* overseas to get fixed is not yet cost-effective.

is this the ultimate downfall of a consumerist society?

i've seen more than one commercial lately- persons A and B bought the same product, and B launches himself through a plate-glass window, or something similarly unpleasant, because he paid more. sure, we all want to maximize our dollars, but shit- even with a slight self-esteem deficiency, it never even *occurred* to me to be insecure about whether or not i'm a "good enough shopper".

but as said, nobody can blame any of us for wanting to get the most we can out of the money we've earned (or otherwise acquired)- so what do we do when the logical buying decision is to sell every job that doesn't fall under the category of "locally required service" out from underneath ourselves?

hopefully the next step isn't for all the morbidly obese americans to stop eating fast food and start walking everywhere, because then we'll be really fucked.