June 28th, 2003


not all of them mean something

seems like a good number to write on

strange what comes to you
when reaching beyond the likely or probable

i breathe deep
and do not drown
in a torrent of heady truth

the patterns become evident
and in an instant
i learn to pace the fastest
with no effort at all

because where they see obstacles
quickly closing gaps
and narrow victories
there is a greater design
beautiful in its chaos

with the right eyes
B becomes pointless
because Z seems not out of range

if this sounds
or religious
it isn't
nothing more than
an eye open
that wasn't before
shit... it really was always there

new options arrive at hand
and without thinking
a break from the cycle is made
it's not that the previous choice was wrong
it's just getting old

and i like it here
and i don't want to go yet
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