June 26th, 2003


geek commentary

these aol commercials piss me the fuck off.

your laptop WON'T catch hostile software from being activated in an airport, *unless* you manage to find a free wireless network to log onto there (probability that anything in an airport is free = <.01%) AND there's preexisting worm software there that can figure out a working logon/pw for your computer (unlikely- the worst one i've dealt with was explore.ZIP and even that was a trojan that had to be activated from the "interior" of the network) once it's actually figured out where it IS on its network, which in itself could present a serious challenge


guardian writes that genetic engineering has reached mass-production stage


attention honda inc. - perhaps you haven't been paying attention, but i can think of at least one reason that no german automotive engineer would EVER ask "how'd they do that?" in reference to a fucking ACCORD. 240hp from 3 liters and four cams is not revolutionary... sorry

oh yeah, and

for anyone who's incredibly disappointed (hahah... riiight) that they didn't get to hear me spin at alida's b-day shindig last weekend, here's a downtempo/ambient/triphop set (compiled from mp3, not vinyl). gonna crosspost that to mixtapes in a moment, so... sorry to the ~1 person who'll see this twice :P


just finished watching a rerun of "undergrads" on comedy central late-night... this show always makes me think about what it would have been like had i taken the college route. i identify with the characters for all the worst reasons... cal for his combination of square-jaw attractiveness(?) and lack of ability to remember anyone's name, gimpy for reasons i've already made obvious enough in this post (& my room doesn't look like that yet- but it will), rocco for his unfailing ability to completely ignore all tact and social contract, and finally most of all with the main character nitz for his ability to completely abandon reason and listen to anxiety when attempting to build a relationship w/ a girl.

man. livejournal is at once great and terrible when i'm blasted. i'll do my best not to delete this when i wake up in the morning.
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