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May 7th, 2003

so earlier this week i found a listing on a nissan board- there's a guy in s.f. who has a 1993 240sx (2 years earlier than mine, previous body style)- he'd like to trade up to an S14 model (what i have) for his car and a little extra cash.

pretty good condition, similar to mine; the mileage is within an oil-change of my own- has had a fair amount of work done recently, like mine, and needs a couple of minor fixes, as is the case with pretty much any used car (including my current one).

for those who want data to quantify, the earlier model has nearly the same engine/drivetrain (overall output didn't change significantly at the 94/95 switch). the most significant difference is that it should be between 250-300 pounds lighter than mine. definitely not an insignificant amount, especially considering there's probably another 100lbs it could lose without ending up looking like a theft recovery.
the s13 also has the option for the suspension setup i'd really like- ground control sleeves with kyb agx shocks- while this combination isn't available for the 95+ models.

for those who want pictures to compare,
mine (S14):

the other guy's (S13):

while not everyone finds the later-model 240's more visually appealing, i happen to.
but- 300 pounds of curb weight is very hard for the performance-minded enthusiast to ignore.
oh yeah, & those snazzy wheels on the top car would move over to the bottom one if the trade happens.

so, given this info, what's your opinion?

should i swap for the earlier model?

no, keep your s14
yes, get the s13
i honestly don't give a shit

no, the results of this poll will probably not actually affect my decision. :)

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