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April 15th, 2003

Posted on 2003.04.15 at 14:50
Mood: sympatheticsympathetic
Music: infected mushroom
cool toy; an AIM-based social network experiment.
try it.
(if you're a trillian user you'll have to switch over to the "real" aim client to export your buddy list; but it's not a huge pain.)


guess it's a geek day

Posted on 2003.04.15 at 23:34
Mood: pensivepensive
Music: anthony rother - nacht der goetter
when presented with the dilemma of a secondary 20gb hard disk containing mp3s and ~500mb of free space, i unfortunately couldn't rationalize another hard disk at the moment-

i remembered scott posting about the .ogg format a while back-

i ended up finding and downloading the litexmedia audio conversion wizard (2nd from the top).

decent enough software; after playing for a couple hours, i've found that selecting "4.00" on the 1-10 quality out setting leaves room for mp3 quality up to 192kb/s, while letting the ogg's variable bitrate compress where it can; this almost always results in a file between 10-30% smaller than a fixed-rate mp3 with no discernible loss of quality through my sblive-platinum and mdr-v700 headphones. (layman's terms: it sounds good enough.)

after a day and a half's worth of conversion efforts, i've got an extra gig free on the drive now... & i'm nowhere near done. good stuff, i recommend it. just don't go below 4 on the quality setting or you'll start to hear high-end warble.

winamp plays this shiz already. drag-and-drop, just like you always did.
for other platforms, see the vorbis.com link above.

*points emphatically*

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