March 25th, 2003


(no subject)

lately there's this barrier

plenty of thoughts in the head, but none of them seem to want to make it to the keyboard

me, i'm just trying not to watch the clock


i love the way amon tobin names his pieces.

"down and to the left" is an excellent scratch demo, and this one...

all i can think of when i'm listening to it is a mental video clip of an otherwise normal polo game, conservative-looking folks wearing those wierd riding pants that bulge at the thighs, well-groomed horses, 'tally-ho' and all that shit;

then you hear "thump"s accompanied with vibration like that scene from jurassic park, slowly increasing in tempo;

camera pans to the right for a wide shot down the field and there's the crazy motherfucker on the back of a rhinoceros, by now charging at full tilt, standing in the saddle with a grimace that's equal parts hostility and determination plastered on his face, his entire body wound up and ready to swing that club like it's the fucking Hammer of Thor itself...

ok, mental download complete. grab the track and then go do something else.