March 20th, 2003


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from smartmobs

realtime log of SMS communication from protest in portland.

this is officially a non-partisan post.

whether or not you support the war or the way anyone chooses to voice their dissent, what is interesting here is the usage of technology to allow a more coordinated and informed approach to a protest; an effort to prevent mob mentality in an environment that would otherwise be fertile ground for it.

carry this idea a little further; when pdas and wearable computers are passe and a body-integrated system is noveau chic, will wireless-enabled collective intelligence be possible?

more info here.


i'd never played with my sound card's software with it hooked up to the whole 5-speaker 4-amp ghetto-sound-shrine before tonight...

it has an "environment" preset for every room in the house, and heh... the "bathroom" setting sounds EXACTLY like a warehouse party...

empty house tonight, just my memories in here with me. *smile*
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