March 6th, 2003


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i just got another email from rep. zoe lofgren, who let me know about her new bill H.R. 1066 (the BALANCE act), introduced on march 4th.

in short, it's basically a "return shot" against the DMCA (which has made it illegal to reverse engineer or circumvent any kind of encryption technology, for any reason- google "DeCSS" for why this is bad)- but she phrases her explanation better than i can.

if you like your digital-media-enabled lifestyle and don't live in cali's south bay area, please contact your own rep and ask them to sign on to H.R 1066 as a co-sponsor-

without protected fair use, piracy is only going to increase; more draconian legislature will follow that, and i'm sure you can see the makings of a vicious circle there as plainly as i can. all we need to do to stop that from happening is make them think there are enough geeks that care, and we're wasting this "innernet" thing if we don't use it to pull together the kind of collective voice we need to keep the MPAA/RIAA/SPA/etc in check.

she may be "only" a rep, but she's listening, and asking for help. if i'm gonna direct such sharp criticism at what i don't like about our gov't, i feel it's only right to support a good thing when i see one.

i know, political shit is boring- thanks for reading.

(after-the-fact edit: i beat slashdot to this by a fucking DAY. wooha.)