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January 27th, 2003

Posted on 2003.01.27 at 12:14
Music: roni size - through the eyes
there's been a headache roaming around inside my skull since yesterday evening. never finds a spot and sticks to it; has to meander about finding a new way to make me uncomfortable every half hour.

you wouldn't think i'd listen to d'n'b in this state, but it actually is helping... whatever that means.


sinfest readers:

monique or ginger?


why? (200char)


gonna try and get myself out of the house more this week.
sacramento lj meetup is tomorrow night.
have an email from a chick from... somewhere around here... wants to hang out.
i don't get paid until next monday, which isn't really helpful for accomplishing this end... but sitting at home and splitting attention between tv and aim is getting old.
tonight will be spent cataloging vw parts for sale on the vortex and (hopefully not) ebay.

Posted on 2003.01.27 at 15:13
i never have anything interesting to post lately...
so fuck it
this thing's going into hibernation for a while.

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