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January 21st, 2003

Posted on 2003.01.21 at 18:52
Mood: *uhhhnf*
Music: prodigy - voodoo people
there is just...
about entering a corner hot and apexing way too early
the kind of "way too early" that will usually introduce you to the far-side curb/berm/tree
and then with one quick motion
the percieved danger changes
because while you're no longer pointed at anything heavy, solid, and semi-stationary
instead you're dealing with a new and very different definition of "vehicle control"
and although every rational synapse in your brain is
you know
to do so is a one-way ticket to spin city
so you can do nothing but
hold and correct
hold and correct
while the car gently and slowly realigns itself with the direction suggested by the white lines
and the howls of protest coming from just behind you fade
as the optimistic speedometer comes to terms with realities of Actual Vehicle Speed
and then suddenly everything's normal again.

sex? no, thank you, i've got rear-wheel-drive.

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