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December 30th, 2002


nooz linx

Posted on 2002.12.30 at 12:13
Mood: blahblah
Music: mr. oizo - flat beat
they only kill the funny ones...

Recently, zoo workers at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans placed a fat nutria in a sidewalk cage to show to people on their way to see more exotic animals. Passers-by stopped to stare, and one couple stopped to remark at how cute it was.

At that point, the nutria urinated, copiously, in their direction.

uhm. were we for some reason expecting him to act any differently than McCaffrey?

while the point he raises may be valid, i still don't like the idea of obligatory military service. not that i *really* have to worry about it, as i wouldn't pass physical, for more than one reason. however- is this really something we want to become a part of every american's life?


i'm not feeling terribly interested/interesting lately. had good plans this weekend but weather prevented them from coming to fruition. i think i need to get my ass out and party again. tomorrow.

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