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December 23rd, 2002

Posted on 2002.12.23 at 17:30
Mood: sleepysleepy
Music: nine inch nails - the perfect drug (mbm remix)
i'm officially a convert - winmx > kazaa. only place winmx doesn't have a solid win is UI design; it could be a bit more user-friendly/intuitive, but once you're acquainted it's much more powerful.

i'm particularly happy that there's a healthy stash of farscape episodes available from winmx users, as there is probably not a way i could be convinced to buy up the DVD collection at $20 per 2-episode set.
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i started this entry this morning, and nothing more meaningful has come to mind since i got to work, other than the news that the two US airmen in afghanistan found responsible for 4 canadian friendly-fire deaths were being given methamphetamine to keep them awake and alert.

i'm sorry, but what *fucking nutjob* decided military servicepeople running/flying around with untold amounts of portable killing power... on crank... was a good idea? yeah, yeah, i shouldn't bother asking that, as military amphetamine usage dates at least back to WWII... but hey, guys, try ephedra instead... 60% of the speedy effects, way less DELUSIONAL PSYCHOSIS. 2*thumbs_up

ah well; have a good short workweek, all.

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