December 16th, 2002


(no subject)

hi, new people. thanks.

jesus, the last time i had a hangover must have been 3 or 4 years ago... took winamp 5 minutes of shuffling through my downtempo/hiphop folder to find something gentle enough for my ears at the moment.

always nice to break from routine and meet new kids, though. such a big world and i spend 95% of my time in it behind my desk, on my couch, or in my car... unfortunately, the cute redhead with the penchant for orson scott card... taken. *slightly curls upper lip*

left yuba on friday just in time to catch the bay area's yearly mini-monsoon... the entire drive. yeah, i'm a spoiled california boy, but that sucked. driving a light car in high winds == not my friend.

uhnf... not in a mental state to come up with anything more meaningful than this. i want another weekend-long vacation, i don't care if the last one was only a month and a half ago... tahoe rocked, and i find myself wanting for more places-i-haven't-been.

oh yeah... two parts generic strawberry soda into one part smirnoff apple twist vodka. recommended.