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December 10th, 2002

Posted on 2002.12.10 at 13:04
Music: gaetano parisio - live mix
this has to be the best band name ever.


i hate december. it can't end soon enough. somehow, this is always the hardest month for me. two years today, if i remember right; and we'll just drop that train of thought right there.


a phrase found its way into my head on a ciggy break this morning

"world peace through atheism"

it'd make a good bumper sticker if nothing else
probably inspired by the suv with the "PRAIS YE" vanity place i saw on my way into the office
made me wonder if the person was really conscious that they're foisting such a directive on everyone whose eyes happened across their four-ton monstrosity, or if it's just there to keep up the appearance of being a good upstanding whatever
i suppressed the urge to make an obscene gesture
worship whatever you want, i give a shit- but don't insult my intelligence by supposing that you have a better grip on the true nature of things because you never miss the sunday morning social at the House of Two Crossed Sticks
...california, north of sacramento, is very different from the rest of the state.


and for a bit of amusing followup on that-

*snicker*. see: hoisted on one's own petard.

"According to the survey, evangelicals came in tenth out of eleven, narrowly beating out prostitutes. [...]the Barna survey also found the more highly educated non-evangelicals are, the less likely they are to have a positive view of fundamentalist Christians."

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