December 4th, 2002


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it's been tough to keep up on my friends page lately. my computer at home is just a lot less interesting without all that music on the hard disk that came to work. hopefully the other swatsound members appreciate the personal loss now that i've actually started uploading stuff. *g*


redefining hard sell
redefining drama


i just spent a lot more money than i was planning on allowing myself for the sixteenvalve.

i don't care, i'm tired of the shimmy on the freeway.

when i'm done, it'll be unclassable in anything other than Modified (i think it might even be restricted to that now, since it has an engine swap - anyone who's more familiar with SCCA than i am wanna have a look at the car's journal and tell me if i'd fly in SP?), but again, i don't care, because i want one full lateral g, damnit.

going back to work now.
stay cool, kids, and i'll try and post more frequently.

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maybe i've found something to rant about after all.

let me see if i've got this straight.

"help us lower demand so that we can make sure only approved colombian traffickers get income from selling blow; we're tired of the rebels."

fucknut, rebels don't *exist* unless they're created by percieved oppression. you're the chicken, *they're* the egg.
(translation: keep your citizens happier than they currently are and maybe they'll stop taking up arms against you.)
get it?

the problem would be further exacerbated by the fact that the only drug we can test for with any kind of certainty in the results is marijuana. supposing our president goes along with this idea (something i feel has to be considered a possibility), nationwide piss-tests would ensue, and anyone who hadn't quit smoking bud at least a month earlier would presumably have to explain/deal with their positive results.

drug users who still want to get high will simply move on to something the gov't can't test for. meaning crack, heroin, and meth-

oh, look where the "gateway" is now...

share your thoughts, please.