September 25th, 2002


a bit of mazda

so mom's tiring of her gmc jimmy and wants a convertible- she's looking at the eclipse spyder and the miata.

naturally, i steered her towards the latter, and then forwarded her the url for the up-for-grabs SCC project miata. ~250hp, roots blown (which is not what i'd have done but will probably suit her wishes for ample torque), and a build process that was completely documented online. all that for $18k.

her response? "but it's green!"

*forehead, meet desk. repeat*


speaking of mazdas, i'm finding it more and more difficult to talk myself out of going and picking up the dead FC3S turbo near my house. the guy would have to come down a *lot* on the price, as what he's asking would be reasonable if it ran and had 4 good tires and a stereo, but... i want it. and dangerously, i can afford it.

buying a forced-induction rotary could seem like i'm really asking for huge repair bills, what with already owning a 16v (second only in VW unreliability to the g60), but... RWD and boost. i want it.