September 5th, 2002


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i need to either start remembering to bring my headphones into work with me or buy another pair. mmm, mdr-v900s... 5-30khz response. yes, i *do* need three watts of power pounded directly into my head.

since the price on these has come down to $130 through at least one supplier, it appears they're the best deal on the market at the moment- going any higher-quality appears that it'd require spending at least half again more on a pair of high-end sennheisers.

not that i'll actually permit myself to buy something like this at the time. *sigh* other things...


idea for this next bit borrowed from contributors to sos_usa.

"they came for the muslims, and i said nothing because i was not a muslim.
they came for the drug dealers, and i said nothing because i wasn't a druggie.
they came for..."

ok, does anyone else find it at least *slightly* unlikely that all the rednecks out there running meth labs are funneling all their profits into libya, afghanistan, iraq, and saudi arabia (instead of their 1982 camaros)?

does anyone else find it a little unusual that in all the news coverage of this event, the only time people of mid-eastern descent shown are in stock photos of "terrorist training camps"- anyone shown actually *being arrested* is caucasian, and has *yet to be charged*?

i mean, fuck! the laws enacted during the methamphetamine anti-proliferation act enable sentencing of 20+ *years*, for a first manufacturing offense. laws with respect to this subject are already unconstitutional enough that it's possible to go to jail just for telling someone how to cook... (oh, you thought you still *had* your freedom of speech? ha.)

all of this, and still prosecutors feel the need to declare beavis and butthead with their muriatic acid, ether, and pseudoephedrine stashes (ooh, i'm walking dangerous ground here) "enemy combatants" or "terrorist fundraisers" just so these poor toothless losers can be held indefinitely, without any of those nasty "defense lawyers" muddling anything up...

nevermind the fact that the substance they were caught with, pseudoephedrine, is readily available to anyone who wants to buy some diet pills or nasal inhalers (and do a bit of refining).

nevermind the fact that pure meth itself is obtainable by anyone who can convince a doctor that they've got a bad enough case of ADD.

when i was having the stuff jammed down my throat through the better part of high school, i was "on meds". when i was snorting it up my nose in seedy hotel rooms while listening to bad industrial, watching The Wall for the umpteenth time, and discussing the loopholes to be found in various paper-based RPGs, i was an "addict".

there is some wisdom to be found in the statement "can't do the time, don't do the crime", but am i the only person who thinks that what's illegal for a person should be illegal for a corporation too? the only thing that pisses me off more than "do what i say, not what i do" is "do what i say, not what they're doing".

pardon me while i go down to sacramento and vomit on the steps of the capital building.


ok yeah done for this morning