August 26th, 2002


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went and played consumer for a bit yesterday. got the kumhos installed on those corrado 15"ers, which turned out to be bent to hell, so now i'm at an impass as to whether to pay the $100 each to have them straightened, or just pick up a set of inexpensive ~12lb aftermarket 15s for maybe $150 each. the former kinda feels like throwing good money after bad right now, but i'll already have one extra set of wheels sitting around; two will just be completely pointless.

while they were being mounted i went and bought new cd's for the first time in who knows how long; figured it'd been a while since i actually paid for any sort of recorded music, so might as well actually support a couple artists i've downloaded frequently (obsessively?). bought "dots and loops" by stereolab, "moon safari" and "10khz legend" by air (and i can tell you those two were worth it; mp3@128kbs doesn't do them justice), some album of nin remixes i hadn't seen around before, and what will probably be snake river conspiracy's only album.

that handful of CDs cost me $95. let's examine this from an economic standpoint. that would pay my cable modem bill for two months. five cds = two months of broadband. (wow, i stated that a lot more succinctly than i thought i would.) does the RIAA really have any fucking right to wonder why MP3 piracy is rampant?

however, my inner audiophile is in pure bliss, because air at full CD quality through a pair of MDRs... mmmf. there is simply nothing like being able to clearly hear each of the artist's fingers strike the strings...
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