August 24th, 2002


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*wipes sleep out of eyes*

that was enjoyable, if a bit cold. i didn't dig DDR's live set too incredibly much; guess i wasn't in the mood for techtrance (emphasis on the trance)- but his wife (whose nom de needle i can't remember) got on afterwards for an hour and a half of *wham wham wham* minimal techno. good shit.

got to speak to some people i haven't seen in about a year, and found out that i wasn't the only person in a given circle who felt a certain way about a subject. this, also, was good. all in all, a decent reason not to stay home on a friday night; the drive down the 80 from berke to the 505 was pretty reasonable as well, so i'm glad my eastbay friends made the decision not to trek down to the southbay.

odd dream last night (well, since i slept in till 3pm i suppose it could have been this morning/afternoon).

bad 80's movies on comedy central and a backyard that needs mowing look like the order of the day.

...more later, when i've given it some thought
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