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August 20th, 2002

Posted on 2002.08.20 at 15:10
Mood: impressedimpressed
bad-ass company du jour: informationwave.net.

their laudable actions include not only blocking access to the RIAA's website to prevent cookie- and browser-hacking, but also setting up a p2p honeypot with decoys of popular songs to detect and blackhole any actual instances of "p2p terrorism".

not only *that*- but they'll be publishing all their findings so everyone will know where the RIAA's efforts originate. more info here.

all of this for no profit other than the publicity they'll get (which, imo, they deserve for being the first provider to stand up and say "fuck that noise"), in addition to the very real risk of a lawsuit- as napster showed us, the first one out the gate is usually the biggest scapegoat.

so yeah. two thumbs up.

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