June 25th, 2002


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i cannot believe nickelodeon is cancelling invader zim. fuck that.

nothing further.
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so in an attempt to alleviate boredom today, got away from the cathode ray tubes and went and wrenched for a bit.

nothing major, but i wasn't thinking clearly when replacing that front turn signal bulb; so i ended up dropping it inside the housing; which necessitated the removal of the front bumper. that was a bit of a pain, but at least i know what's ahead of me when i upgrade to the euro bumpers.

after that, happened across the abd racing intake tube that had been stashed in the trunk and thought "what the hell- i'm still bored". don't think it really made any difference- i suspect camshaft design poses more of a restriction above 6500rpm than does the diameter of the tube between airflow sensor and throttle body; but what the hell, it's not like i had to pay for it. maybe one of those european intake cams would be worthwhile when i have a little extra cash... both that and the 50mm intake manifold would ostensibly benefit the turbo kit i think i'm probably going to end up going with anyhow.

tomorrow; drive the car up on ramps, replace that exhaust hanger, and check for leaks somewhere between downpipe and muffler, because i'm pretty sure there is one. ah, the joys of a 15-year-old car.


according to findyourspot, the top 12 places for me to live are:

Honolulu, Hawaii
Jacksonville, Florida
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sacramento, California
San Bernardino, California
Phoenix, Arizona
Seattle, Washington
Orlando, Florida
Miami, Florida
Houston, Texas
St. George, Utah
El Cajon, California

i'm less than an hour from #4 at the moment, so i guess i should shut up and be happy for a little while, because according to my own inputs, it only gets better than this in sin city or on the beach.


oh yeah, meant to add: randomly added a few people (& communities) i happened across and found interesting or at least entertaining, because my friends page doesn't scroll fast enough to keep me occupied lately.

so if you've gotten here wondering who added you, hi.
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