June 18th, 2002



alceria: I don't know why they can't make easy bake pregnancies. Like you go in, they take a bunch of eggs so you only have to do it once, and they take the sperm and inseminate them and shove them in an incubator and you come back in 9 months and pick up the baby
alceria: or better yet, they keep it for the first five years, potty train it, teach it to read, and get it up to speed so you can send it to swiss boarding school until it's 18.


someone please tell me who the fuck gave dirty vegas a record deal, so i can shoot them.

i mean really.

i can see being inspired by daft punk, but fuck; if you're gonna bite from an artist, at least bite from their *good* stuff.

i've heard demo keys on casio keyboards spit out tunes more complex than their current "hot single".

how did production go on that track anyway?
"bassline... check."
"hi-hat on 2/4 beat... check."
"vocals... wait, did you vocode them? yes? good."
"right, we're done!"