May 1st, 2002


weed + tekno = ramble

wooha, i just found an archive of a set i recorded a year ago.

i've never passed this out to anyone, but listening to it now it's better than i gave myself credit for. maybe it's just these crappy harman/kardons and a 160kb/s bitrate concealing my mistakes. if i'm feeling uppity at some point i'll normalize this and stick it on an ftp somewhere.

anyway, yay for having pounding distorted fuzzy 4/4 again since my account's been deleted at mercanti and i can no longer access the ~15gb stash i have saved on a server there...

kinda shitty, that. they haven't paid me since february, and because of that i take *april* off, and now i'm persona non gratis. people working help desk jobs have been making more than i have under pay cuts for the past year, when i *was* getting paid.

i suppose i should be looking at this as "i haven't had a job since february", not "i'm out of one now".

well, hopefully being no longer in their employ means i have some rights as far as demanding to be caught up on the five digits worth of back pay they owe me.

thinking about it, i've been getting the shaft, pay-wise, from corporate america since i hopped on this goddamned boat 4 years ago. the only jobs i've had where i truly felt i was being fairly compensated were my side contracts. wish i'd taken care of those a little better...

it seems that future dealings with the corporate world should only be used to fund more productive, profitable, and enjoyable side projects. now, if i could just get ahold of 5 digits worth of seed money.
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